Interactive UK burglary map

Stay aware of burglaries in your area.


Automatically updated monthly with the latest police burglary data. Each map marker reveals specific crime details.

About this burglary map

Navigate around the map to explore detailed information on recent crime in your home city, town or village. The data includes both commercial and residential burglaries.

Analyse the latest months of police burglary data by switching between the ‘current’ and ‘previous’ month of data using the optional layer feature.

There are a huge number, in fact thousands, of burglaries each month so it may take a moment to load all the markers on the map.

Interested in just crime in London and residential burglaries? Check out our static snapshot of these crimes for each London borough on our London burglary map. It also features a crime rate.


  • Why isn’t my area showing any burglaries? Some police forces might have data gaps or delays. Check the changelog for the latest updates regarding data issues. Also, the map only displays burglaries with valid coordinates in order to plot the markers. It’s not uncommon for some crimes to be missing a location in the monthly releases.
  • Why are there no entries for Scotland? The police data for Scotland is recorded and stored independently. Even if it were available it would not be directly comparable with the rest of the UK.
  • How often is this UK burglary map updated? The police release data monthly, and our map updates automatically within 24 hours of spotting fresh data. For example, April 2024 was released during the first week of June 2024.
  • I’m only interested in stolen bikes, why should I care about this data? A bicycle theft may not be recorded as such if it was stolen during a burglary from within a house.


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.