Tiny, the cycling fox

Paperback book for ages 2 – 7 years

Tiny is a little red fox with a passion for cycling. He rides his bright red bicycle every day. But then one morning something happens, and Tiny can’t find his bicycle. What is he going to do…?

This charming story captures the importance of friendship and coming together in the face of adversity, and of sharing and giving back to your community.

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Tiny, the cycling fox - children's cycling book

Book reviews

A heartwarming story that any child can relate to, with a strong message about forgiveness, and sharing the joy of cycling with those we love.

Mildred Locke

Cycling Journalist, 100 Women in Cycling 2021

A heartwarming read for the next generation of cyclists who no doubt will want to ride their bikes after this!

Professional cyclist, Ian Field

5 x British Cyclocross champion

About Tiny

This picture book is packed full of positive messages, including:

  • Kindness and coming together to help others who are in need
  • Honesty, friendship and forgiveness
  • Being thankful and polite
  • Giving back, sharing skills and experiencing the warmth it brings

It captures the absolute joy that comes with riding a bicycle. There are ups and downs along the way, as the islanders unite to look for Tiny’s bicycle. The story ends with a happy and positive outcome.

The use of bold and bright illustrations throughout draws in and ignites young imaginations.

Written and illustrated by keen cyclists who are both actively involved in the cycling world.

Adults and young children alike who enjoy cycling and the outdoors will love Tiny’s inspirational story.

“Every morning, without fail, Tiny would go out cycling.”

Written by Richard Cantle

Illustrated by Pip Claffey

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ISBN 978-1-3999-0815-3