Tile tracker used to recover stolen bikes

Guest post by Tile

In terms of the safety of your bike, nothing beats a good secure bike lock or having your bike indoors. However, every once and a while, you or someone you know may be the victim of theft.

While there are very expensive GPS bike trackers out there, we have heard a lot about cyclists using the Tile app. It’s a tiny bluetooth tracker cyclists have been hiding under their seats to utilise a large network of customers to crowdsource the location of their lost or stolen bike. In NY & SF, some bikes have been reported found in under 20 seconds after being marked as lost – that’s incredible.

You might be wondering how this Tile - find my bikeworks & how much is it?

Tile looks like this & it costs £20.

It works over Bluetooth and communicates with your mobile to see if its close by. It’s usually used for keeping track of lost wallets & keys.

However for cyclists, its an affordable back up plan in case your bike ever goes missing. If you are within 100 feet, you can make the Tile ring. If you are beyond that range, it will drop a pin on a map of where it was last seen. But you can also ask other people to help you find your lost stuff. It has a speaker it in. But the coolest feature are that it marks on a map the last place your bike was seen by ANY OTHER person running the tile app.

Check out the video below where someone in New York got their stolen bike back in less than a week. And if you think this is just a US thing, a UK customer recently got his lost wallet back in less than 5 hours. So, if someone steals your bike, there is a chance that another Tile user can help you locate your bike. After that, you can work with the police & have them see if your bike is where someone reported it as being seen.

You can even temporarily share “access” to your bike with an officer to help them locate it if you feel it’s in a sketchy area.

Tile has some amazing stories

One customer actually had their bike stolen in Arizona, which is pretty rural, and the Tile network found the stolen bike in a pawn shop several months later! How great is that.

If you are interested in Tile, they are for sale here in the UK at Curry’s PC world, John Lewis, Maplin, and several other places including the Apple store.

Guest blog post: by Tile

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