Sherlock - the invisible GPS anti-theft device

Guest post by Sherlock

Sherlock is a GPS anti-theft device connected to a mobile app that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycle and retrieve it in case it gets stolen.

How does it work?

Sherlock is designed to be very compact, small and easy to install. It can be hidden inside the handlebars, the seatpost or the frame of the bicycle, resulting invisible from the outside, so that it is hard for the thief to detect and it does not alter the design of the bike.

Sherlock is also a unique identifier for the bicycle. When the cyclist activates it with Sherlock’s mobile app, the device is uniquely connected to the user and the bicycle profile. If the bike gets stolen, the user receives an immediate alert on his smartphone and the police can access the bike info and tracking on Sherlock’s database. Once the bicycle is rescued the cyclist can demonstrate its ownership with the device and app.

Who are Sherlock?

Sherlock is developed in Turin, Italy, but aims at the international market. The tracker will be available for sales via eCommerce and shipped globally. Sherlock was first showcased at the London Bike Show in February 2016.

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