The growing security risk facing bike shops

Everyday there is a new story published about another bike shop that has been broken into. These tend to all follow a similar line of a ‘ram raid’ style attack, overnight and planned, with multiple high-value bikes stolen. 

The most recent was Pearce Cycles, in Ludlow:

Pearce Cycles in Ludlow Stolen Bikes - Facebook post screenshot

However, there appears to be a new growing trend. This is of a brazen thief casually (or aggressively) walking into a bike shop during trading hours and strolling out with a bike (or shoplifting other high value items).

The latest victim of this opportunistic style of theft was at Temple Cycles – Brick Lane, London on the 26/04/2019 at 16:40.

Speaking to Stolen Ride, Ellie, a shop assistant at Temple Cycles has described what happened:

“I was at the shop when it occurred, they literally just came straight in the door picked it up and dashed off down the road behind the shop! The theft has been reported to the police. There was an attempted theft of a furniture shop next door to us who got one of their delivery bikes taken from their workshop but we were able to stop them a few months back.”

Please retweet the stolen bike appeal and contact Temple Cycles if you spot the bike.

London Bike Kitchen, replying to the recent Temple Cycles theft on Twitter, mentioned;

“Epidemic – we recently had a box of v valuable parts stolen from our shop.”

Another recent example:

Cloud 9 Cycles. In March they nearly suffered a 6.5k loss. Luckily #superbilly managed to catch the thief before he left the shop with a Yeti bike. You may have seen the CCTV clip online:

Cloud9Cycles attempted bike theft CCTV

This type of theft becomes even more alarming when violence is involved:

Cycling Industry News recently reported about an incident at On Your Bike, London Bridge.

“Members of staff were assaulted as the assailants attempted to get away with a number of Bromptons. The team managed to fend off the attackers, who got away with only one Brompton – an S2L Black Edition Gloss Black.”

It’s clear that we’re living in very unsettling times for bike shop owners, who have enough to worry about with commercial pressures, let alone the security of their shops at night and during trading hours.

As bikes continue to increase in value and the current low risk nature of being able to sell on stolen bikes or parts, it’s clear that organised, as well as opportunistic style attacks are not going away anytime soon.

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