Secure the Ride: Retro-style game

Ready to play? Hit the ‘Start Game’ button and begin your ride!

Secure the Ride is an endless cycling adventure where your goal is to collect bike locks and dodge thieves.

How to play

This simple retro-style cycling game is designed to raise awareness about bike security and theft. Here’s how to get rolling:

  1. Start the Game. View ‘instructions’, then ‘start game’ to begin playing.
  2. Controls. Whether you’re on a phone or a computer, tap the screen or press the spacebar to jump. And yes, you can double jump to get some extra height.
  3. Collect Bike Locks. Keep an eye out for those yellow D-locks. Snagging these will scare away some thieves and give your score a boost.
  4. Avoid Thieves. Just like in real life, these sneaky thieves are out to get you. Jump over them to keep your ride safe.
  5. Platforms. Make use of the various platforms, which are at different heights, to help you avoid thieves.
  6. Special Security Items. These purple goodies will make you temporarily invincible, keeping those thieves at bay for a short period.
  7. Nighttime Markers. Watch out for these dark markers; collecting them will dim your game and drop your score.
  8. Green Markers. Grab hold of these for some extra bonus points.

Join the movement against bike theft

At Stolen Ride, we’re all about helping cyclists protect their rides in real life, so explore the resources section to learn about theft prevention.

Show off your top scores and join the conversation on social media, don’t forget to mention us @StolenRide.