Sold Secure explained

Why your bike needs a Sold Secure validated bike lock

Sold Secure is a company that aims to reduce crime by rigorously testing various security products. They are the go-to-guys when you are considering buying a new lock or looking to upgrade your bike security. Now, this isn’t a sales pitch for a certain brand, Sold Secure test lots of bike lock brands and with Sold Secure validation, you can be sure of a quality lock.

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What does Sold Secure do?

The products that Sold Secure test are put through their paces in purpose-built laboratories and are even pushed beyond their expected limits. Sold Secure are closely linked to insurance companies and local police forces who regularly update Sold Secure on the methods thieves are currently using, so products can be tested against the latest trends.

Manufacturers have to apply to have their products tested by Sold Secure, and on approval, they are then free to bear the Sold Secure quality mark.

Generally, a lock assessed and rated by Sold Secure will offer a level of resistance against;

  • Lock picking
  • Lock manipulation
  • Drilling and cutting
  • Bolt croppers
  • Wedging and pulling

If the lock is unsuccessful after testing, then it will remain unrated by Sold Secure.

How does the Sold Secure rating system work?

Sold Secure break their test results down into four different categories. This allows consumers to make a more informed choice when they come to buy a security product.


Diamond is the highest rating that can be achieved by a bike lock. Aimed at owners of the most expensive bikes, including e-bikes, the locks are intensively tested to check that they can endure the most long-lasting and intensive attacks.


Before 2020, Gold was the highest rated standard. Gold rated locks are resistant when it comes to prolonged attacks by thieves and the methods and tools that they’re likely to use. The locks are tested continually for over five minutes, and if you leave your bike in a high-risk place frequented by thieves, e.g. central London, then this (or Diamond) is the lock standard for you.


Silver is a middle rating, and the lock will generally be cheaper but still have a reasonable level of security. Silver rated locks aren’t ideal for leaving your bike for extended periods of time in places where thieves could be operating. However, they do repel basic attacks by criminals and the methods and tools that they could use. Usually, silver rated locks can withstand around 3 minutes of an attack, so are more suited to mid/lower risk areas.


Bronze rated locks aren’t really designed to protect, but more to deter. The thinking will be that if a thief sees your bike lock, they may look elsewhere, possibly for a bike without a lock. These types of locks do offer protection against very basic attacks.

Why validation is important

When it comes to buying a lock, the manufacturers and retailers will try and entice you by making various claims about how secure they are. Realistically, these are just ploys to sell the product. If the claims aren’t backed up or validated, can you really trust the product will be as secure as advertised?

Manufacturers whose products are assessed and approved by Sold Secure can give customers the validation of the claims being made and ultimately provide peace of mind through unaffiliated testing, knowing they have bought a lock that is as secure as advertised.

Keep your insurance valid

Another reason why your bike needs a Sold Secure validated lock is for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies will specify that you use a Sold Secure rated lock (and which rating). Failing to secure your bike with a correct Sold Secure rated lock could actually see an insurance claim voided. Most insurance claims are only successful when a Sold Secure lock has been in use.


Four key advantages of Sold Secure approved locks

  1. Sold Secure test an enormous amount of locks, all with different styles and attack resistances. The wider the range tested, the easier it is for the customer to have confidence in the product that they’re buying.
  2. As Sold Secure use the same tools and methods when testing locks, they’re standardised. This means that you can compare many locks and their ratings with complete confidence of the trial process that has taken place.
  3. Their testing methods and the tools they use are always up to date – due to their close links to the police force and insurance companies. They know how thieves are operating and what tools and methods they are using. Testing against the latest methods allows their ratings to apply at the time the customer purchases the lock.
  4. Sold Secure test locks. They’re experts in this field. They know exactly how to test and rate locks thoroughly.