How to request more cycle parking from your council

This guide covers how to put in cycle parking requests to your local council. These requests are usually limited to requesting ‘Sheffield stands’ or ‘Bike Hangars’ (cycle hangars). Below you will find a link for each London borough, or an email address where there is no dedicated web page.

Cycle hangars typically fit six bikes and take up the area of half a car parking space. The specification and look of these hangars differ from borough to borough. Each borough chooses to work with specific suppliers, Cyclehoop and Falco are examples.

The number of cycle parking suppliers who sell and maintain cycle hangars is increasing every year. We should expect to see further variation in design and costs as the market expands.

Rental charges differ, for instance cycle hangars in Enfield cost £12 per year and Merton cost £30 per year.

Sheffield stands are the most common cycle parking solution you will find out and about. They are relatively cheap to provide and install and often found near shopping destinations, or other facilities, for shorter stays. Hangars add a layer of security, which makes them suitable for residential areas and overnight stays. They still require good security by users, with double locking, as a risk of theft still exists and the suppliers, or councils, won’t accept liability for theft. Bikmo is an example of a cycle insurance company that advertises their cover to cycle hangar users (do check the policy wording).

After contacting councils, you should target your employer with the benefits of installing cycle parking, ensuring it’s high quality and usable. It’s a very important aspect and consideration when protecting against cycle theft. In 2018 a blog post was written to highlight some of the main reasons why employers should take note about cycle parking.


London Borough Councils contact details

  1. Click on the link to each dedicated London borough web page below. Or use the email address stated.
  2. Every web link contains exact information about how/who and what you can request. With the email addresses, send an email with the exact location and what you would like to see.
  3. Sadly, you should not expect an individual response or update, as the number of requests will be high.
  4. Tell your neighbours and friends to put in similar requests. Power in numbers! Some councils wait for two or more requests regarding the same road/location.