How to set up alerts for online marketplaces and Google

Help find that bike by letting automatic alerts from the leading marketplaces take the strain. Be it searching for your stolen bike, or even when searching to buy a second-hand bike.

In this article we cover Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Preloved, Craigslist, Shpock, eBay and Google Alerts.

Tip: Set up your alerts for the specific bike brand/model, but also set up alerts for generic terms (for example, ‘red Giant mountain bike’) – especially useful for hunting down stolen bikes.

How do I set up Facebook Marketplace alerts?

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Marketplace on the Facebook mobile app (notifications are only available on the app)
  2. Put in your search term (your bike make/model, for example)
  3. On the search results page, use the ‘filters’ to narrow down your search area (London, for example)
  4. Select the alert/bell icon, next to ‘filters’
  5. On ‘notify me’ select ‘create alert’
Facebook Marketplace alerts

Image: Facebook Marketplace

Your alert will now be set up. To manage the notification type (email, for example), visit:

2. Select ‘Marketplace’
3. Select which notification types you would like switched on – push, email or SMS

Another feature that you may find helpful is the Facebook collection of saved items. You can manage your collection of saved items by going to (useful if you find a few bikes you wish to study in further detail later in the day).

Gumtree notification setup

  1. Visit the Gumtree website and log in
  2. On the Gumtree homepage, place your keywords into the ‘I’m looking for..’ search box and location of the search into ‘postcode or location’ and select ‘go’
  3. On the search results page on the left-hand side you will see a button called ‘set search alert’ – select this
  4. An email will now be sent once a day, if there is a match (you can set upto 50 different alerts)
Gumtree search alerts

Image: Gumtree

All your search alerts can be managed on the saved searches page – 

Setting up your eBay alerts

  1. Log in to your account on the eBay website
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the page to enter your search term
  3. On the search results page select ‘save this search’
eBay alerts

Image: eBay

You will now receive email notifications. To manage your saved search notifications, visit and select which search to delete/unsubscribe from.

If you have the eBay mobile app, on both iOS and Android devices, notifications can be managed under the settings section. You can select which notifications to be sent. This goes beyond ‘saved searches’ and covers other areas such as your order updates.

How to setup Google Alerts

  1. Visit
  2. Start by entering the search term into ‘create an alert about…’ at the top of the page. It’s a good idea to mix the search term up a little and create more than one alert. Underneath you will see ‘show options’ – select this to expand the options.
  3. Complete the following options to narrow down the alert/results:
  • How often – once a day, for example
  • Sources – web, for example
  • Language – English, for example
  • Region – United Kingdom, for example
  • How many – all results, for example
  • Deliver to – your email address (or it can also be RSS)
  • Select ‘create alert’
Google Alerts Setup

Image: Google Alerts

Setting up Shpock search alerts

  1. Download the Shpock mobile app (the settings are currently not available on the website)
  2. Put in your search term
  3. On the suggested searches screen (if you see the right result), you can select the alert/bell icon to set up the alert
  4. On the actual search results page, whilst moving up and down the page a green banner will appear called ‘activate search alert’ – select this
Shpock search alerts

Image: Shpock

The alert will now be setup and alert management can be done on the mobile app or the Shpock website. Login > select your username (or ‘My Shpock’ on the app) > settings. Select ‘search alerts’. Delete the notifications as required (or unselect ‘send by email’).

PreLoved search follow setup

  1. On the Preloved website put in your search term (login first)
  2. Select ‘follow this search’ on the search results page (filter further and ‘update results’ if required to fine-tune the search)
  3. On the pop-up it will ask you to provide the search name, set if you want emails daily or weekly. Then select ‘follow’.
Preloved search alerts

Image: Preloved

To manage your searches, navigate to the ‘my account’ area (select your name in the top right and use the dropdown) and then under ‘my email subscriptions’ you can select your ‘ad alert’ to edit.

If you need to contact PreLoved about an advert, their contact page can be reached here

Craigslist saved searches

Whilst Craigslist is probably better known in America, it’s still widely used in the UK. To view the London site, go to

  1. On the Craigslist website put in your search term
  2. On the search results page, select ‘save search’ at the top right (you will need to be signed in)
  3. On the ‘saved searches’ page you will now see the alert, but this is not fully setup for email alerts yet
  4. Select ‘edit’ under ‘manage’
  5. Select ‘on’ next to ‘email alert’
Craigslist saved searches

Image: Craigslist

To manage your Craiglists alerts, visit the ‘searches’ section in your account section. Their FAQ on saved searches can be seen here –


Note: If you think you have found a stolen bike for sale online, always contact the police and never approach the seller yourself.