What to do if you've lost your bike lock keys

We cover what to do if you have lost the keys to your bike lock, focusing on the replacement key programs of the leading bike lock providers.

Losing a bike lock key can be very frustrating and stressful. For example, if your bike is locked up outside in a public place, it requires quick action to reduce the risk of bike theft. In this situation, engage with a locksmith (MLA approved) to help remove the bike lock. Alternatively, check with your local independent bike shop, which might be able to help. Then, depending on where the bike is locked, you might need to tell the facility owner that you need to cut your lock.

If your bike is locked up in your garage or shed, you might be satisfied to wait for a replacement key.

How to order replacement lock keys

Hiplok keys

It currently costs £15 for a replacement key (includes four). Visit this page on the Hiplok website, select the Hiplok model, enter the key code (engraved on the top of the key) and proceed to the payment page.

Litelok keys

Litelok offers the service at £20, and you can email them to kickstart the replacement. You will need your key code or have the lock registered on their website.

Abus keys

Usually, when you purchase an Abus bike lock, it comes with a plastic card that displays the key code. If not, it will be on the actual key.

On the dedicated service website, enter the model of the lock, number and follow the steps to complete your replacement order.

Kryptonite keys

For most of the Kryptonite locks, it’s a free replacement service for the first two keys ($12 for one key if your lock is not in the ‘key safe’ program). Complete the form information that consists of the lock’s type, model, and key number. Then proceed to the checkout to complete your order.

Kryptonite has a unique ‘lock out’ replacement program for US and Canadian customers that lets you send your lock to them. This is helpful if you don’t know the key code and didn’t register the lock, but sadly the service is unavailable in the UK.

Lost and found communities

A top tip for finding a lost key would be to post a message on the local Facebook group for your area. If you lost it while walking, someone else might have found it.

For the future

When you buy a new bike lock, you should register the lock online or keep the key code that comes with it safely tucked away.

The negative of online registration, depending on your view, is that the company might use your data to send you irrelevant marketing emails.

However, the benefits can include warranties and that way the lock code details will be recorded safely online. Some companies even allow combination lock codes to be stored.

You might also like to look at products such as the Apple Airtag or Tile to help you find your keys.