London police recovered bikes

The police are looking to reunite the following bikes with their rightful owners. Can you help?

Have you spotted your bike?

If you’re positive it’s yours, contact the police as mentioned in their tweet. They will expect some form of proof of ownership.

Further information about this recovered bikes page

This page aims to collate all police recovered bike appeals from the London Twitter accounts. So if you spot a tweet from any of the MET, City of London, or BTP Twitter accounts, do notify @RecoveredRide.

The police currently don’t coordinate their recovered bike appeals across different boroughs and the number of tweets is low and sporadic. If you believe that the police should officially use Stolen Ride to publish all bikes that they can’t find the owners for, then do tell them.

Why can’t they find the bike owners themselves, you may ask? It could be that the bike was never reported stolen. Or it was reported, but the report did not contain enough specific information (such as the bike frame number). Or, the bike was not registered/marked through a police searchable bike registry/database.