Press release: Stolen Ride partners with BIKE-DROP


Stolen Ride, which tackles bicycle theft, today announces its new partnership with BIKE-DROP, the ‘valet-style’ secure London cycle parking solution.

Founded in 2020, BIKE-DROP brings 750+ secure cycle parking spaces to central London with a simple booking system based around a contactless QR code.

There are currently three locations; Regent Street, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly. Riders can charge e-bikes, access free puncture repairs, and benefit from bike maintenance and servicing. Alongside all this, the DROP-CAFE serves artisan coffee and a healthy bite from breakfast through to lunch and dinner.

Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride, said:

“I’m pleased to partner and start collaborating with BIKE-DROP. They offer a new and unique cycle parking solution and have ambitious plans which will be very exciting to see unfold. After all, everyone just wants to cycle, park their bike and know that it will be there when they get back. But, also, BIKE-DROP adds to the end-to-end experience of cycling in London, with valet-style parking and other high-end personal touches. The new partnership brings with it a special discount to the Stolen Ride community to enjoy, and the details can be found on the Stolen Ride website.”

Justin Lee, founder of BIKE-DROP, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Stolen Ride to support their mission to reduce cycle theft in London. There has been a lot of investment recently to make cycling easier and more convenient with various street improvements which is really encouraging. However, the missing piece in the puzzle remains where to park your bike securely. Londoners want a safer and healthier journey into town but unfortunately the reality is if you are cycling a relatively expensive bike into London, it will likely eventually be stolen.

“BIKE-DROP is committed to creating a seamless commuting experience for Londoners so cycling becomes a safer and easier choice, by addressing the lack of secure, convenient parking which is the number one deterrent for cycling into town.”


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