Press release: Showing the true impact of cycle theft, as spoken by the victims


Stolen Ride has today launched ‘victim impact statements’. The statements show the human side of cycle theft in London. The financial, emotional and psychological cost of the crime. Something that has never been truly covered before.

“The robbery has left me nervous and I now cycle wearing a personal attack alarm.”
Harriet, Islington

“I was just about to start my evening of deliveries when I found it was stolen, I returned to my flat and did nothing other than scour the internet for it for the next few days. The bike was gifted to me by my partner who busted his gut to pay for it.”
Telle, Walthamstow

“Having it stolen (in Hackney) affected me at so many levels and it took me three (pandemic) months of public transport until I could afford another one.”
Ivan, Hackney

“Haunts you every time you wander your Borough, eyes chasing every frame and fork for a glimpse of what was once your ride.”
Mark, Lewisham

Statements will keep on being added as users submit them, to view all of the statements submitted so far visit

Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride said:

“Disturbing cycle theft crime numbers and stolen bike social media posts are visible to all. But what is not visible is the impact the crime has on individual lives, both short and long-term.

“I urge everyone to widely share these statements with the authorities, to grow awareness and help fight back against cycle theft.”


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