Stolen Ride partnership with Hexlox announced

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Hexlox. The collaboration aims to grow awareness and help to tackle the issue of ‘bike-stripping’ in London. Thieves stealing bike parts is a serious issue that can be as distressing for victims, not to mention the financial cost, as having a whole bike stolen.

You don’t have to travel far in London to a find a lonely carcass of a once loved bike. Theft of saddles and other bike parts is a huge issue that is not talked about enough. Whilst you can help protect your frame and wheels with traditional bike locks, protecting other parts has historically been harder. Parts are seen as an easy target for thieves, simple to remove with an Allen key (or quick release) they can usually be sold on with relative ease. Hexlox provides an innovative solution to protect all the parts of the bike including saddle, seat post, wheels, fork, stem, pedal and more.

Richard Cantle, founder of Stolen Ride, said:
“Stolen Ride is focused on tackling all areas and sides of bicycle theft and I’m excited for the potential this new partnership with Hexlox holds. I have been following the Hexlox journey for some time and it was a very simple decision to decide to work with them. Not only do I want to protect bikes from being stolen, I want to ensure that individual bike parts are protected at the same time.”

Marcus Tonndorf, CEO of Hexlox, said:
“We really believe what Stolen Ride is working on makes a big difference. In this partnership we don’t only see a chance of helping Londoners protect their bikes, but also create a greater awareness that this problem actually is huge and needs tackling. We are confident that we can support Stolen Ride followers to protect their bike parts and get peace of mind when parking their bikes.”

The partnership gives the Stolen Ride community the opportunity to gain an exclusive discount on Hexlox products.

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