Large haul of stolen bikes recovered in Bow

As part of ‘Operation Asanfona’, the Met Police has managed to recover a huge haul of stolen bikes in Bow.

Met Task Force recovered stolen bikes in Bow

Credit: @MetTaskforce on Twitter

The Met mentions that they have found owners of six of the bikes, “some worth up to £6,500, & are actively seeking the others”.

As a stark reminder that organised bike thieves are rarely involved with just stolen bikes, the Met Police discovered “two nasty weapons”. They also discovered “a huge amount of cash”.

Met Police recovered Cash and Weapons

Credit: @MetTaskforce on Twitter

Two arrests have been made regarding “money laundering, theft and weapons offences”.

Following the operation, the police are encouraging cyclists, via Twitter, to register their bikes with

In 2020 Stolen Ride found that the Met Police managed to recover over 800 stolen bikes. To keep an eye on London police appeals regarding recovered bikes, follow @RecoveredRide on Twitter.