London stolen bike map

Have you ever wondered how many bikes are stolen in your neighbourhood?


Our map contains bicycle thefts reported to the Metropolitan Police Service, City of London Police and British Transport Police between 1st July 2018 and 1st July 2019

The stolen bike data contains more than 20,000 cycle theft reports for the time period. The ‘Crime Survey for England & Wales’ suggests that only one in four thefts are reported to the police

Items to note:

  • If multiple thefts occurred at the same location (lat/long) over the time period, only one example is displayed. So the stolen bike map contains far less dots that the true number. For example ‘Homer Road in Hackney’ only shows one theft, but there were actually five stolen bikes recorded over the year. Mixing things up, the BTP data has been added as an extra data layer on the map (select ‘visible layers’). It shows the number of thefts at the given location, rather than one example – but it does not allow you to click the marker and see further detail. 
  • The data was sourced from the Met, British Transport Police and City of London police on 26/08/2019 and is static (the crime status may change). It includes just the crimes listed under the category of ‘bicycle theft’. A limitation of police data is that if a bike is stolen during (or as part of) another more serious crime, such as a burglary, then it will not be recorded under the category of ‘bicycle theft’ (unless the bicycle was the focus and the only item stolen). So this partially hides the true number of ‘reported stolen bikes’ from the public eye.
  • The police state the following about the location – “The latitude and longitude locations of Crime and ASB incidents published – always represent the approximate location of a crime — not the exact place that it happened.”
  • The police data (Met and City) had over 200 records with a missing location, so these will not be displayed on the map
  • British Transport Police data – we have included a few train stations on the edge of London’s commuter/Underground belt.

Last updated: 04/09/2019