London burglary map

Home burglaries across London. How does your borough rate?


Our burglary map covers all residential burglary data from the Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police over a 12 month period.

The colour range shown represents the worst (red) to the best (green) London boroughs based on the total number of residential burglaries over a year. Selecting each borough on the map will bring up an information window containing the crime rate (offences per 1000 population) and totals per month.

The three boroughs with the highest number of home burglaries are:

  1. Barnet
  2. Tower Hamlets
  3. Hackney

Useful information

  • The data covers the 2020 calendar year
  • Commercial burglaries are not included in this map
  • Data was sourced from the City of London Police via a Stolen Ride Freedom of Information request, to ensure an accurate number around residential burglaries (removing commercial)
  • View burglary data for a three-year period here


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