Two of the largest bike parking garages in the world

Utrecht and The Hague are home to two of the largest bike parking garages in the world. These two Dutch facilities are absolutely awe-inspiring. Utrecht boasts 12,500 bike parking spaces currently.

‘Bicycle parking Stationsplein’ (Utrecht) is the largest bike garage in the world, with ‘Koningin Julianaplein fietsenstalling’ (The Hague) taking the third spot. The second largest bike parking facility in the world is Kasai Station, in Tokyo, with The Times reporting that it “has 9,400 places serving a population of more than 37 million”. Kasai is well known for its automated bicycle parking solution, which takes bikes directly from the user into an underground secure bike vault. This is something the company Eco Cycle has been trying to get installed in the UK.

Cycling in the Netherlands is a way of life, to a level unlike any other country in the world. The population, which is over 17 million, has more than 23 million bikes. That is the most bikes per capita in the world. Cycling is still growing quickly in the Netherlands, especially with the sale of E-Bikes. It’s no surprise that the Dutch are leading with ultra-modern and large bike parking facilities. Bike use and cycling infrastructure, especially in the main urban areas, has been nurtured since the 1970s.

Let’s take a look at the bike parking garages in The Hague and Utrecht…

Both facilities are similar in design, ultra-modern with clear signage/lighting that make the facilities a joy to spend time in. Free parking for the first 24hrs at both facilities, easy check-in /check-out controls (OV chip card – ‘OV-chipkaart’) and one-way traffic make them hassle free to use. Importantly the sites have considered non-standard bikes, so there are spaces for cargo bikes, for example. Both bike garages are located in the transport hubs of their cities.

Koningin Julianaplein fietsenstalling (The Hague) key facts

  • First opened in 2020
  • Currently 7,000 spaces and 700 rental bikes on site
  • Covers over 8,000 square metres
  • Bright back-lit walls with artwork (by the artist Escher)
  • Signs show the number of free spaces
  • CCTV
  • You can’t pick up your bike in the middle of the night
  • The construction costs went 5.5 million Euro over budget and the opening was very delayed

Bicycle parking Stationsplein (Utrecht) key facts

  • First opened in 2019
  • Built to make car use less attractive
  • Currently 12,500 parking spaces
  • Covers over 17,000 square metres
  • Over 400 spaces for non-standard bikes
  • Onsite bike repair facilities
  • Warden controlled

Other bike garages in the Netherlands include Delft with 5,000 parking spaces and Amsterdam which is working on an underwater 4,000 bike space garage.

In the UK, Cambridge train station is currently the largest bike parking facility with nearly 3,000 spaces.

The UK needs to ensure it invests in the right areas as we rebuild our economy. It can nurture the recent growth in cycling to rival more developed cycling nations.

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