Donate a bike to help others

Do you have an old bike that you would like to donate to a good cause? We round up three options for your donation.

1. Re-Cycle

Founded in 1998, Re-Cycle has been donating quality bikes to Africa. They have partner charities located in Ghana, Zambia, The Gambia and South Africa.

The donated bikes are changing lives for African school children. Re-Cycle states that “it’s not uncommon for children to face a 12 mile (20km) round-trip to school.” So riding to school is a huge time saver and keeps them healthy. But not only do the bikes help school children, they help whole families get around, including for work purposes which ultimately helps develop the areas.

The charity, whose patron is Chris Boardman, has partnerships that include Halfords. This means that there are many convenient drop off locations nationwide. To find a drop off location near you, visit their handy drop off map.

Re-cycle also accepts monetary donations and needs to raise 330K a year. On the Re-Cycle website, there are tips and suggestions around how to help raise funds, including via collection pots, events and leaving a gift in your Will.


Founded in 2020 by Philip Dobson, Brixton based UpCYCLE is focused on helping young people from ethnic minority groups get out and stay active by cycling.

On top of donating a bike, a free course is offered for bike maintenance to keep the wheels spinning.

UpCYCLE in London - donate a bike

UpCYCLE in London

To donate your bike, you can either drop it off at their workshop at The Remakery in Brixton or they can make collections within South London. To find out more visit their website.

3. The Bike Project

Founded in 2013 by Jem Stein, The Bike Project charity provides donated bikes to refugees and asylum seekers – over 9000 since launched!

In the UK, the Asylum process only provides around £40 a week which does not provide enough money to purchase a bike to get around – on top of food and other aspects.

So stepping up, The Bike Project which is focused on London and Birmingham, takes donated or abandoned bikes and services/mends and provides them free of charge to individuals that have fled from countries such as Syria.

Not only are bikes provided to benefit health and allow for transportation, there is a buddy scheme to build bonds and a community to improve lives.

The charity has a high number of drop off points to donate bikes, especially in London. To find your nearest visit the following page.

You can go beyond donating a bike, including providing gifts such as a ‘cycling safety kit’ or a ‘cycling lesson’ on the easy to use shop section of their website.

Do you have any recommendations for other charities and community groups that also accept bike donations around the UK? Tag @StolenRide in an Instagram story.