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A significant barrier to getting more people on their bicycles as a mode of travel is the threat of it being stolen. In the UK a bicycle is stolen once every 90 seconds, this statistic alone is enough to put most people off using their bicycle more frequently.

At Turvec we design and deliver secure, user-friendly cycle parking facilities.

Turvec was born out of the frustration seeing low quality, poorly thought out cycle stores being installed across the capital, notably internal cycle stores in new developments that didn’t take into account the security or usability needs cyclists deserve. In the long term we want to inspire more people to ride through the assurance that there is a robust, secure cycle parking option at both ends of the journey.

We believe that more can be done at a planning and infrastructure level to tackle bicycle theft, so we began working with Secured by Design, the UK’s flagship Police initiative for ‘designing out crime’. The Turvec Cobra rack was independently attack tested and accredited under the initiative, our simple design provides clearly designated parking spaces for individual bikes with a single solid steel loop connecting spaces that provides a secure locking point for both the front wheel and frame with a single lock.

Delivering security for cyclists is critical, but more often than not cyclist friendly products are being overlooked. We have incorporated protective rubber sleeves on a number of our cycle racks, this addition prevents scratching on the bicycle frame and ensures the bicycle is held securely by the front fork. Simple additions like this can make a big difference for cyclists, ensuring not only that your bike is still parked where it was left, but also it’s in the same condition on your return.

We believe that a cycle parking space should not be provided unless it is considered ‘usable’. A good example of this can be seen in the increase in two-tier systems across the UK, this has led to some very basic systems being installed that can be difficult and unsafe to use. Heavy bicycles and less able-bodied cyclist will struggle to access the upper tier, this can prove to be dangerous. If a rack with gas-assisted upper tiers is used, the problem can be eliminated.

We will continue to bring cyclist-friendly and secure cycle parking facilities to London, if you see or use a Turvec rack on your cycling travels, let us know your thoughts and tweet us @turvecsolutions we would love your feedback.

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Guest blog post: by Turvec

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