Two Tier bike racks

gas-assisted for easy lifting

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The user friendly Two Tier

The space-efficient bicycle parking system that allows twice the number of bikes over the same area. Therefore is ideal for high density bicycle storage.

Tier-tier space saving cycle rack

Attractive and effective design

  • Two Tier bike racks are suitable for internal or external spaces
  • Gas-assisted for effortless lifting
  • Easy reach handle
  • Over 30k spaces have been installed

Extra locking points

  • Additional locking points for lower and upper tiers
  • The extra locking points allow a user to use a d-lock (or another high quality lock type) to correctly secure the back wheel and frame. The user can also use a secondary lock to secure the front wheel/frame.
  • Product demonstrations are available
  • All products are galvanised as standard, powder coating is an optional extra (any RAL colour)
Extra locking point on tier-tier bicycle rack

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