London cycle parking map

Explore our London cycle parking map to find parking near you.


An extra optional layer has been added to the map so you can see police reported stolen bike locations near the cycle parking. There is currently no overruling reliable source of cycle parking data in London. The parking locations shown are from OpenStreetMap which is a user driven platform so is reliant on user accuracy.

If you would like to see further cycle parking near you, Stolen Ride can try and make it happen. Please visit our cycle parking solutions and pass the details on to your council, local facility or employer.

Useful information

  • Cycle parking data was last pulled from OpenStreetMap on 12/04/2018 and is static
  • If you see ‘null’ mentioned, the field has not been filled in on OpenStreetMap
  • Police data is from our London stolen bike map and is static (01/2017 – 12/2017)

Police theft data is not pinpoint accurate, so it’s unlikely that you will find cycle parking and stolen bike pins on top of each other on the map. We too wish this was available! An example of how the police record a theft location is “on or near X road”, so the pin might be 100 metres, for example, from the actual theft location.

This cycle parking map is here for general information only; please don’t rely on it to plan your journeys or for your safety. We accept no liability for displaying the data.

Data © OpenStreetMap contributors

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