Cycle parking – employers, please take note

Encouraging cycling to work and providing quality cycle parking facilities go hand in hand. We still find many employers advertising a ‘cycle to work’ scheme in their job adverts, yet some of the same employers do not provide parking or seem to take notice of where cyclists leave their bikes whilst at work. Not only is that a potential bike theft risk, but it damages the end-to-end experience of being an employee of the company and a cyclist. If you care about your employees, the environment and your business, then cycling/cycle parking facilities is a must. Not only that, the cycle parking needs to be well planned and thought out.

Commuting by bike is on the rise; in London it was recently revealed in the ‘Traffic In The City 2018’ report that cycling is now the majority mode of transport in the City of London.

“The number of cyclists counted during the morning peak hour has more than doubled since 2007, making it the single largest mode of transport counted on City streets from 08:00 to 09:00. Cars and taxi volumes counted during the morning peak hour have decreased since 2007.”

What are the potential benefits of being a cycle-friendly employer?


1. Cycling improves health

  • Less sick days – less company money wasted
  • Healthier workforces – seen to be more productive

2. Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces the number of cars on the road
  • Less car parking spaces will be required at the office – cycle parking spaces are cheaper than car parking spaces
  • Less staff running late because of traffic delays

3. A PR opportunity

Shout about your ‘green’ and ‘cycle-friendly’ credentials

4. An employee benefit

To pitch on job adverts

It’s very important to plan thoroughly:


1. Find and engage a good quality cycle parking provider

One that is experienced in planning/designing secure and usable solutions for the specific audience and space. As well as your employees, consider any visitors.

2. Consider providing complimentary facilities, such as;

  • A bike repair workstation (pump and tools for on-the-spot bike repairs)
  • Showers and changing facilities
  • Somewhere to dry wet clothing
  • Lockers for kit, or the bikes themselves (especially folding bikes)

3. Security, security, security

  • Even if the cycle parking is access controlled, educate your staff on the importance of bicycle locking. This includes which locks to use and how to use them.
  • Consider a lock loan programme (ensure the lock is of a good ‘Sold Secure’ standard)

4. ‘Cycle to work’ schemes

For discounted bikes and parts

5. Consider a bike loan programme

Brand the bikes to get some advertising around town (depending on the type of business you run and location)

To keep up your company’s ‘cycle-friendly’ image and mind-set, it’s very important to constantly encourage more of your employees to take up and to keep cycling. Do try to consider incentives and a community atmosphere at work. This may include posting social ride dates, cycling stories and tips onto your Intranet or putting items on your noticeboards.

The benefits of cycling to work are clear in our eyes, but as we have mentioned, if you are an employer, we urge you to look at cycle parking properly. Obviously every company is different so do conduct an audit and engage a cycle parking expert. There will be times where cycle parking outside of the office is not possible, but any good provider will be able to assess your options. For example, ‘folding bike lockers’ may be an appropriate option, rather than a row of Sheffield stands outside the building. You may also find in some cities, such as London, that there is secure cycle parking nearby your office that your staff could use instead of having to have your own private setup.