London coronavirus Teacher asks for your help

Cheryl, a London teacher, who purchased a new bike to carry on supporting children of NHS staff due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), has had her bike stolen. She shares her story with Stolen Ride and asks for your help to get her back on the road.

I am a primary school teacher in London. My school, like many, is still open for vulnerable children and children of key workers, like our NHS heroes.


Due to the London lockdown and the advisement against using public transport, I bought myself a new Carrera Axle ltd from Halfords on Sunday to ensure I can still get to work.


Unfortunately, I woke up on Wednesday morning to find my bike had been stolen from where I had it locked in the gated and covered parking garage under my building (in Colliers Wood, south west London). In order to take it, someone must have climbed over the fence, cut the lock (which they took with them) and hoist the bike over the fence and down to another person. I believe it was an organised and planned theft.


It is very unfortunate that, at a time when we should be working together, some people are taking advantage. I only had my bike two days and therefore don’t have any photos of it, other than the one I took of it on display in Halfords to share with a friend of mine, who is quite into bikes, for advice on whether it was a good buy or not. 

If anyone is able to help me get my bike back so I can continue to get to work during this difficult time, please reach out. Any help is greatly appreciated!