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Guest post by I LOCK IT

In the last few years bike riding has become more and more popular. Many people use their bikes for daily things like commuting to work, shopping at the supermarket or just to enjoy riding around town. Unfortunately with the increased use of bikes also bike theft has increased. But what can be done about bike theft?

This will sound simple now but the first step to not getting your bike stolen is simply locking it. In countries like Germany with a similar problem of bike theft, almost 25% of all stolen bikes were not locked when they were stolen. And in the UK two thirds of all bike thefts occur in and around the victim’s home, the place where people feel it’s safe enough not to lock their bike. But why do people not lock their bikes?

There are different reasons why some riders leave their bikes unlocked. The most common ones are that they are just gone for a minute to run into the supermarket or they leave their bike in their garden or near the house, where it is “safe”. But of course the main reason for not locking the bike is because it is time consuming and uncomfortable. Sometimes it takes more time to lock and unlock the bike than going into the supermarket to buy something. The problem is that common bike locks which offer the necessary security are often bulky, difficult to carry and always require searching for the key. The solution until now was always the heavier the bike lock, the better the security, but this is about to change.

New comfortable and secure solutions against bike theft

Recently different startups have been developing new solutions for bike theft. Those “smart bike locks” offer more comfort than bike locks from the past, while not making any compromises in terms of security. By connecting to the owners’ smartphone with Bluetooth low energy technology there is no more need to search for the keys to lock and unlock the bike. This makes bike security more comfortable and therefore hopefully results in more people locking their bikes. To offer more security than common bike locks most of these digital solutions not only lock the bike but also have built-in alarm systems. This means that an acoustic alarm will scare thieves away and the owner will receive a notification to their smartphone, when someone is tampering with their bike. With the alarm feature equipped those smart bike locks are able to offer a higher security without the need for more steel.

One smart bike lock that currently offers the highest combination of comfort and security is called I LOCK IT. This bike lock, which is developed by a German company called haveltec, is fixed to the bike frame and therefore can’t be forgotten at home. What makes I LOCK IT special is the fully automatic locking and unlocking function. As soon as the owner leaves their bike I LOCK IT automatically moves a steel bolt through the rear wheel and immobilizes the bike. Once locked the alarm is automatically activated and offers even more protection. When returning to the bike, I LOCK IT automatically unlocks the bike again so the bike rider can just get on the bike and ride away.

Security add-on

When leaving the bike not just for a quick run into the supermarket but for the whole day it is important to secure it to a fixed object. To make this possible I LOCK IT offers an additional cable and chain. They can both be easily plugged into I LOCK IT and quickly put around a pole or bike rack. What makes the plug-in cable and chain special is that once they are plugged in they are also connected to the alarm systems. When cut, the alarm goes off, scares the thief away and notifies the owner.

No more unlocked bikes

With these new solutions against bike theft there is no more reason to not lock the bike, even if it is just for a minute. Security against bike theft has never been this comfortable.

Guest blog post: by I LOCK IT


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