Are stolen bikes ever recovered? Interview

Are stolen bikes ever recovered? We share one @StolenRide success story, full interview with the bike theft victim and the hero who located the stolen bike.

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SW Asset Protection – you need more than just a lock

Good quality locks used properly can do a great job of protecting a bike, but here’s the bottom line. You need more than just a lock to stay safe. Guest post by SW Asset Protection.

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Joyride: We can track your bike anywhere, any time

Unlike Bluetooth trackers, we can track your bike anywhere, any time, regardless of anyone else having the same tracker. Guest post by Joyride.

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Tile tracker used to recover stolen bikes

While there are very expensive GPS bike trackers out there, we have heard a lot about cyclists using the Tile app. Guest post, by Tile

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Sherlock – the invisible GPS anti-theft device

Sherlock is a GPS anti-theft device, connected to a mobile app that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycle and retrieve it in case it gets stolen

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Veloeye and combating bike theft, by Matthew Rice

I think cyclists do have a common bond and feel a certain social responsibility towards one another and Veloeye may just help them to help one another in combating bike theft

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