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Bike-stripping: the unmentioned cycle crime

Up until now ‘bike-stripping’ has been a relatively unmentioned type of cycle crime. Find out how to protect yourself from this crime.

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Stolen Ride partnership with SpokeSafe announced

Stolen Ride partnership with SpokeSafe announced. SpokeSafe will be soon opening their first public secure bike storage unit in central London.

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Launch of a community led spotlight – theft of bike parts

Half Eaten Ride is a community led spotlight on London ‘bike-stripping’. Help show everyone the size of the problem in London.

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Cycle parking map – London

The London cycle parking map. An extra optional layer has been added to the map so you can see police reported stolen bike locations near the cycle parking.

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London stolen bike map

How many bikes are stolen in London? Our London stolen bike map contains every bicycle theft reported to the MET and City of London police in 2017.

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Stolen Ride partnership with Hexlox announced

Stolen Ride announces its new partnership with Hexlox. The collaboration aims to grow awareness and help to tackle the issue of ‘bike-stripping’ in London.

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