Bicycle Security

7 must-have bike security products for the home

Over two thirds of bicycles are stolen in and around the home, according to national crime data. Finding bike security products you trust is a must.

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The top five security products from Eurobike 2019

Stolen Ride searched for the best in bike security at the 2019 Eurobike Show in Friedrichshafen. Here’s what we discovered…

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Cycle Crime Lead for the UK shares his vision

Interview with Superintendent Mark Cleland. Mark shares his views on bicycle marking, reporting crimes and what the community can do to help the police.

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The growing security risk facing bike shops

A new trend of a thief casually walking into a bike shop during trading hours and strolling out with a bike. Featuring a bike theft at Temple Cycles.

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Tom Gash – the truth about crime and cycle theft

An Interview with Tom Gash, author of Criminal: The Truth About Why People Do Bad Things. He estimates cycle crime causes £200 million worth of harm a year.

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Bait bikes – could they help reduce stolen bikes?

Back in the early ‘twenty-tens’ the trials that took place in places such as London and Cambridge saw a significant reduction in cycle theft.

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