Residential burglary statistics - 3 years in London

With the summer holiday season beginning, we’re all itching to break free from our homes. As we leave our properties, some of us for the first time since the start of 2020, we should consider how secure our homes are…

We have put together a 10 step home security guide. Adding to this, Stolen Ride recently issued a Freedom of Information request to the Met and City of London police to provide a breakdown of all ‘residential’ burglaries in London over the last few years. The crime statistics show the level of the crime in London, including the unusual, but expected dip in 2020.

Do bear in mind that some are anticipating a sharp rise in burglaries when lockdown finishes. Also take into account that if a bike is stolen during a break-in, the police won’t record it as a ‘bicycle theft’, it will be added as ‘burglary’. So recorded bicycle thefts might be higher than published.

The crime statistics cover 01/01/2018 to 21/12/2020

Met Police statistics:

Type (Official Classification)Years
Aggravated Burglary in a dwelling100
Aggravated Burglary Residential621665 589
Attempted Burglary Residential11557114709076
Attempted Distraction Burglary Residential877064
Burglary Residential464374664936268
Distraction burglary in a dwelling with intent to commit or commits an offence triable on indictment                        100
Distraction Burglary Residential1034785669
Grand Total597385963946666

The City of London Police is responsible for an extremely small part of London, comprising the financial square mile in the centre of the City. The resident population is also extremely small – fewer than 9,000 individuals. 

City of London Police statistics:

YearsGrand Total

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