Bike theft map

Discover the hotspots of bike theft in your area.


Stay ahead of bike theft trends in England and Wales with our interactive map, updated monthly with the latest police data.

About the map functionality

Search with a postcode or location name, or simply zoom in to see the latest bike thefts in your area. Select each marker to find out details about individual thefts, and view the location via the link to Google Street View.

The coloured heatmap layer allows you to see the intensity of bike theft in areas around the country as you zoom in. The latest month shows all possible bike thefts reported to the police. Aside from viewing @StolenRide on social media, this is as close to a ‘live’ stolen bike viewpoint as possible.

To compare the latest month with the previous month, we have added an optional layer of data. Simply select ‘previous month’.


  • My area is not showing any thefts? View the police changelog to check for known police data issues. For example, the Police Service of Northern Ireland has frequently failed to provide data over 2023 and 2024.
  • Why can I not see anything in Scotland? The UK Police database does not include Scotland.
  • When I zoom out to see the total figure for an area, it seems lower than I would expect. The map shows all bike thefts with a valid latitude and longitude. If the coordinates are missing in the police database, those specific thefts will not be displayed. Additionally, we automatically filter out any thefts that are clearly in the wrong location, such as those ‘out at sea’ or incorrectly placed in Scotland.
  • When does the map update? The police release data once a month and this map will automatically update once released.

For a whole year of police data focused just on London, visit our London stolen bike map.


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.