A bike lock with brains

Guest post by Noke

We all love our bikes. We all depend on them for our commute, exercise, and leisurely rides. And we all desperately want to protect them from being stolen. So why do we rely on cheap locks that are mediocre at best in deterring thieves?

Maybe it’s because we naively think people won’t mess with our bikes. Perhaps it’s because we are too cheap to invest in something better. But I can assure you that by the end of this post it won’t be because we don’t know there is a far better option out there.

The future of bike security is here

A new wave of locks that has recently entered the biking world is making a big splash, and for good reason. These locks do more than simply lock. These “smart locks” eliminate keys and combinations entirely by allowing you to access them using your phone via Bluetooth as well as share custom access with guest users.

Not only can you share your bike with “Peter” every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-5, or “Kate” on Fridays from 7-10, but you can also monitor the history of the lock to see who opened your lock and at what time. All of this is done through a compatible app downloaded onto your phone when you purchase the lock.

The crowd favorite at the moment is Noke, created by a company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Noke locks work in conjunction with the Noke app, which is very intuitive and offers more features than any other smart-locks currently on the market. For example, the GPS feature, which shows the user where on a map his bike has been accessed, or the Notification feature which tells him if someone is trying to open his Noke lock.

Smart locks like Noke add a whole new level of security by allowing the user to monitor and control the lock with their phone and stay connected wherever they go.

Back to the basics

Fortunately, Noke locks haven’t forgotten the importance of making a lock physically secure as well as intellectually secure. Noke currently offers two options. The first is a padlock made with a boron hardened 8mm shackle to be used with their thick braided steel cable and is considered the less secure of the two options. The second option is recommended for bikers in areas where bike theft is no joke, and is a U-Lock body made entirely of steel alloy, making it incredibly strong and durable. The U-Lock, like the Padlock, also offers the latest in anti-shim technology so you can rest assured that your possessions will be safe from thieves.

One more thing

Just in case the Noke U-Lock hasn’t impressed enough, it also features an alarm to offer an additional layer of protection. When a potential thief shakes it for more than three seconds, a shrieking alarm will sound, sending the intruder running and drawing the attention of anyone within about 50 meters. Yes—it’s that loud.

No more excuses

So now we know better bike-locking options exist and are available for very reasonable prices. Why waste any more time worrying about your bike being stolen instead of giving yourself some added peace of mind and checking out these smart locks today.

Guest blog post: by Noke

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