New partner - Buzzbike

The fear of cycle theft or theft itself can be huge barriers to people taking up cycling, or continuing to cycle.

These are the type of messages we hear all the time from the London cycling community…

  • My bike has been stolen and that was my only transport for getting to work. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford another bike.
  • I no longer feel safe locking my bike outside in London

So to help provide an alternative option, temporary or long-term, we have teamed up with Buzzbike to help ensure everyone continues to enjoy cycling in London, whatever the circumstance.

Buzzbike provide a flexible bicycle subscription service for only £29.99 a month (cancel at any time), but the Stolen Ride community can get a 20% discount off that fee (not just for one month, for every month you continue to hold the subscription).

Find out exactly what’s included in the subscription and gain your discount here.

So, if you just need a bike for one month whilst you wait for an insurance claim to be processed or a risk-free cycling experience, then get in-touch with our partner Buzzbike today.

“We started Buzzbike to make cycling hassle free, accessible and fun for the maximum number of people. We’re excited to partner with Stolen Ride to help get Londoners back in the saddle as quickly as possible after the misfortune of having their bike stolen”
Tom Hares (CEO & Co-Founder)

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