The best bike locks on Amazon in 2023

With Amazon’s ‘one-click’ ordering, huge product selection, and fast Amazon Prime delivery service, it’s no surprise that 86% of us in the UK shop on Amazon.

We have searched Amazon and picked out the best bike locks we could find on their marketplace.

Far from all of our favourite bike locks are currently available on Amazon, but we hope the items shown help with your research into your bike security setup.

The 7 bike locks listed below are importantly either Sold Secure Gold or Sold Secure Diamond rated.

Litelok X1

The Litelok X1 is one of the new breeds of angle-grinder resistant bike locks. Litelok claims that it’s “5X more secure than the current best-selling, best performing U-locks.

This high security bike lock, which is partly made of a new material called Barronium™, has a reflective rubber coating and comes with a ‘twist and go’ frame mount.


  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Diamond
  • Lock type – D-lock
  • Weight – 1.7kg
  • Size (internal dimensions) – 101mm x 196mm

Hiplok DX

The small DX D-lock is wearable (on your belt) thanks to its patented clip system. It’s a very light lock, weighing in at only 1105 grams. It has a 14mm hardened steel shackle and it comes with three keys, which is useful if you have a habit of losing your keys.

Hiplok DX Dlock in Orange

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Diamond
  • Lock type – D-lock
  • Weight – 1.105kg
  • Size (internal dimensions) – 150mm x 85mm
  • Colour options – orange or black

Abus Granit Extreme 59/180HB310 – 31cm

The hefty Granit Extreme 59 D-lock has a 16mm parabolic shackle and Abus state that it’s made from a ‘specially’ hardened steel. The lock weighs a heavy, but reassuring 3060 grams.

Abus Granit Extreme D-Lock

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Diamond
  • Lock type – D-lock
  • Weight – 3.06kg
  • Note that there are three variants to this lock on the market
  • Two keys are provided (one has an LED)

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The small, but ‘beefy’, New York Fahgettaboudit Mini carries Kryptonite’s highest security rating (10/10). It has a 18mm hardened steel shackle and has a weight of 2060 grams. Kryptonite offers an ‘anti-theft’ protection policy, should your bike be stolen whilst using the lock.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini DLock

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Gold
  • Lock type – D-lock
  • Weight – 2.06kg
  • Size (internal dimensions) – 83mm x 153mm
  • Designed in the US (with New York crime in-mind!)

Litelok Core

The flexible Litelok Core, which can be worn around your waist or strapped (fixings are included) to your bike frame, carries a Sold Secure Diamond rating. Litelok Core is a lightweight bike lock that comes in two sizes, 75 or 100 and there are two colour options (orange or black).

LITELOK CORE bike lock locked

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Diamond
  • Weight – 1.6 kg
  • Size (length) – 75cm or 100cm (pick based on your waist size)
  • Winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2021

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit chain lock (150cm)

From the ever popular New York range comes the Fahgettaboudit 150cm chain lock. Just like the New York mini D-lock, this chain lock carries a 10/10 rating on the Kryptonite security scale. The chain consists of 14mm links that are made from 3t hardened manganese steel and a 15mm New York disc lock is included.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit chain bike lock 150cm

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Diamond
  • Weight – 6.92kg
  • Size (length) – 150cm
  • Comes with 3 keys

Hiplok Gold chain lock

The Hiplok Gold is a wearable (around your waist, 30” – 44”) chain lock that has a Sold Secure Gold rating. It comes in two colours, one being a hi-vis colourway which offers the added benefit of making you more visible whilst riding the streets. The chain links are hardened 10mm steel and the locking length is 85cm.

Hiplok Superbright Chain e-bike lock

  • Sold Secure bicycle rating – Gold
  • Weight – 2.4 kg
  • Size (length) – 85cm (fitting a waist size of 30” – 44”)
  • 12mm steel shackle diameter

Do note that anyone can sell items on Amazon, there are thousands of sellers on the marketplace. Therefore, it’s key to research well and check the ‘sold by’ section. Do read seller and lock feedback, but also ensure the bike lock you’re purchasing is the correct model (some look similar) and carries the correct Sold Secure rating.

Not all listings mention Sold Secure, but it’s vital for your bicycle insurance policy (which will likely require a Gold level) and also ensuring that you have a good level of bike security. You can check ratings (which can change) on the Sold Secure website.

We would always recommend using two locks and do ensure you use the locks with the right bike locking technique.

Please perform your own research before purchasing. We are supported by our audience and use affiliate links throughout this website. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.