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A London-only stolen bike service. The community includes industry influencers, some well known public names, shops and brands.


From 2012, Stolen Ride has been widely acclaimed and has been seen in publications such as The Times, BBC, Evening Standard, Cycling Weekly and RoadCC.

The stolen bike community has been successful at recovering stolen bikes. The number of cyclists involved in the community, keeping an eye out for the stolen bikes is constantly increasing. The more eyes on the streets in all areas of London, the more powerful it will become. If you are a victim of bicycle theft in the capital, please tweet @StolenRide the bike details (with a photo if possible) and location in London. The community will then RT the bike and look out for it on the streets and marketplaces, including online. If the bike is located you will simply receive a tweet. You can then have a conversation privately and update the police.

In 2017, Stolen Ride began its expansion into other areas, with a greater focus on bike theft prevention. This included a very successful entry into the cycle parking industry. Now able to showcase industry leading bike stands and bespoke cycle hub development opportunities. Stolen Ride believes that increasing ‘proper’ parking facilities will not only positively impact cycling, but will also help to reduce theft.

The Stolen Ride journey is just beginning, there are lots of exciting developments and expansion plans in the pipeline. Stolen Ride has fantastic support from the cycling community, bike shops and the industry at large. This is much required and allows for a joined up drive to reduce bike theft and ultimately to help keep everyone cycling.

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