7 must-have bike security products for the home

Over two thirds of bicycles are stolen in and around the home, according to national crime data. You can’t be expected to keep an eye round the clock, so finding security products you trust is a must. Here are just seven solutions that we believe are up to the job of keeping bikes and accessories locked down…

1. Squire BPGA

Made in the midlands and with a heritage dating back to 1780, Squire knows security. Old doesn’t mean behind the times, however; the firm knows the tricks of the thieves’ trade and builds accordingly with only the best materials.

For the concrete-based shed or garage you’ve the choice of two ground anchors from this Brit maker, but we’ve chosen the model better suited to getting a bulky chain through; the aptly-named Boxed Ground Anchor. This is, in fact, ready to take a motorcycle security grade chain and has therefore unsurprisingly surpassed such standards under the Sold Secure testing. Installation will be familiar to anyone who has ever hung a shelf. Metal raw plugs slip into the holes you’ll drill into your base and the four supplied bolts expand these within the space creating a tight seal. Finally, a ball bearing-esque bolt filler slips into the bolt head, preventing further tampering once installed.

Squire BPGA Anchor

2. Pragmasis’ Torc Series 2

Another not to be messed with British security manufacturer is Pragmasis, renowned for its ground anchors, among a vast catalogue of other locking solutions.

Should your shed or garage have a concrete base, or brick wall then Pragmasis Torc Series 2 Ground anchors are hard to beat. Using a 20mm diameter hardened steel shackle the Torc anchor comes with six different fixing kits adapted to suit your environment; there’s even a kit for van security. This one comes signed off by the police too who have given the Torc anchor Preferred Specification recognition under the ACPO Secured-by-Design scheme.

Alternatively from Pragmasis, look up the Shed Shackle; another fine solution that’s easy to install but hard to pull apart.

Torc Ground Anchor Series II

3. Hiplok’s AirLok

A Sold Secure Gold Rated lock is really the benchmark you should work toward for defending your bike so Hiplok’s beefy, yet somehow stylish Airlok is to be considered. The Airlok is described as a ‘maximum security storage hanger’ and it is indeed the only product here that hangs as a wall-mounted security device. Measuring at 35cm wide, 37cm deep and 16.5cm high, it’s discreet enough to happily occupy an office space without looking too out of place. Make no mistake though, the Airlok is built to endure.

So, how does it work? Quite simply, a hardened steel housing pairs a 30mm diameter hardened steel locking bolt that seals off an ergonomic rubber mouth designed to cradle your frame.

Simple, strong and striking.

Airlok in white and black

4. Oxford Products Docking Station

Building products for both cyclists and motorcyclists, Oxford Products’ heritage in keeping powered bikes secure shines through in its catalogue of anchor options. Notable for its flexibility, the Thatcham Approved Oxford Docking Station pairs the rigidity of an anchor with a short length of hardened steel chain. These entry and exit points are then capable of latching on to your secondary chain, cable or D-lock.

Whether wall mounted or bolted into a solid base this option from Oxford is up there with the best.

Oxford Docking Station

5. Kryptonite Stronghold Surface ground anchor

Well reviewed and at an accessible price for home security is Kryptonite’s Stronghold Surface ground anchor. You needn’t hire out the professionals to get this simple weatherproof shackle fitted; all you’ll need is a drill as the box includes masonry drill bits. Once installed, to prevent nasty toe stubbing the steel shackle lays flat within the domed body.

When in use you can pair the anchor with chain, or some D-locks, depending on your desired contact points.

Kryptonite Stronghold security anchor

6. Cycloc Solo

If you’re seeking some style to pair with substance Cycloc has a few options for the home. The Solo itself is not a security product, but remains geared up to take a chain or D-lock courtesy of two adjacent holes. Designed to be mounted to a wall, the Solo comes in a choice of seven colours, each of which are moulded into a waved designed to clasp any straight top tube. For different frame styles simply rotate the position to best line up your ride with the room.

Secured to the wall via a hidden three-point fixing, the Solo comes with an optional spacer for those sporting wider bars. Inside there’s plenty of room to stow away tubes, gloves and other ride essentials ready for the weekend.

Cycloc Solo in green

7. Velo Sock

Finally a wild card suggestion that serves a double purpose if you’re bringing your bike into the home; don’t just cover your pride and joy with insurance, literally cover it too.


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