10 facts about bike theft every cyclist should know

Guest post by Skylock (now called Lattis)

The world can be a scary place for cyclists.

No matter whether you live in a large metropolis or a small town, your bike can end up being the target of theft.

As a smart bike lock company, we firmly believe that in order to avoid having your bike snatched by thieves, you need a great lock and the right knowledge of how to avoid thefts all together.

That’s why we decided to create this infographic, which compiles 10 facts about bike theft that every cyclist should know. We hope this comes in handy this next time you’re thinking about where to lock up!

Want to ensure that your bike is as theft-proof as possible? Skylock’s smart lock technology gives every cyclist a leg up against bike thieves.

With keyless entry and theft detection sent directly to your smartphone, you can further the good fight against theft. Our custom antenna means your Bluetooth signal will stay connected when it matters most (Approximately 200 meters or 656 feet in range)

Our lock also comes with a steel housing, a durable rubber cover, and is designed to be extremely robust. Skylock also uses 256-bit elliptic-curve cryptography to always keep your bike safe.

To learn more, head to Skylock.cc.

Guest blog post: by Skylock

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