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Stolen bikes are an ever increasing problem, not only in London but around the world. The rapidly expanding Stolen Ride resource section aims to provide top tips. Covering  bicycle security, home security, cycle insurance, cycle parking and how to recover stolen bikes.

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Stolen Ride is a UK leader when it comes to bicycle security and tackling bike theft.

The cycling community is at the heart of everything. Not only here to provide a London stolen bike community, but also to help prevent theft through cycle parking solutions, expert tips and campaigns.

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From the official Stolen Ride partners. 

How many bikes are stolen in London?

Stolen bikes in the UK are a huge issue, but London is the true epicenter. Whilst around 20 thousand bikes are reported stolen to the police in London each year, the true figure could be nearer 70 thousand.

My bike has been stolen, what should I do?

Report your stolen bike with the police, this is an absolute must. Please have a read of our post on what to do next. Do tweet @StolenRide the details of the bike, including a photo and location (postcode in London, but not your exact home postcode). The community will quickly share the details around thousands of fellow cyclists in London who will search for your bike on the streets and online.

Are the cycle parking solutions only for London?

No. The team can help with cycle parking and cycle storage projects around the world. From secure cycle hubs, two-tier racks and even public cycle repair stands. There are many possibilities, so do get in-contact to discuss the ideal solution for you. Do share the solutions with your employer or local facilities – anywhere you think needs more or better cycle parking.


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