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Tweet your @StolenRide and our London based community will help find it


The following bikes are currently missing in London – please report immediately if you see one

London's fastest growing network of cyclists looking out for stolen bikes

Actively helping fellow Londoners keep cycling Follow @StolenRide



Tubular lock pick, bike thief

An interview with a former London bike thief

An interview with a former London bike thief, by Stolen Ride. The ex-bike thief reveals a side of bike crime we rarely get a glimpse of.

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cycling community - cyclehoop-heavy-duty

For cyclists by cyclists – Cyclehoop

I had my bike stolen whilst at university in London. The thief had managed to lift my bike over the top of the signpost I had locked it to. Guest post by Cyclehoop.

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Hiplok - bike lock

From stolen bike to Hiplok

Getting my bike stolen was a wake-up call in more ways than one. I was angry but it wasn’t funneled specifically at the thief… Guest post by Hiplok.

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Sherlock – the invisible GPS anti-theft device

Sherlock is a GPS anti-theft device, connected to a mobile app that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycle and retrieve it in case it gets stolen

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ILOCKIT secure solution against bike theft

Comfortable and secure solution against bike theft

Guest post by I LOCK IT. What makes I LOCK IT special is the fully automatic locking and unlocking function. I LOCK IT offers an additional cable and chain.

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My bike has been stolen, what should I do?

Call 101 (or 999 if it is an emergency) and record the bike theft is an absolute must. Please have a read of our blog post here on what to do if your bike has been stolen.

Do tweet @StolenRide the details of the bike, including a photo and location (postcode in London, but not your exact home postcode). The community will quickly share the details around thousands of fellow cyclists in London who will search for your bike on the streets and online.

Does @StolenRide work?

Yes! Considering how large London is we are constantly delighted by the success Stolen Ride receives. Not every bike is recovered, but all retweets create awareness of this huge issue we have in London. The community has even spotted stolen London bikes as far away as Spain and Moldova.

The SR network is strong and actively followed by a loyal network of London cyclists, bike shops, industry influencers and even some well known celebrities.

The larger the community gets in London, the more powerful it will become.

How many bikes are stolen in London?
Stolen bikes in the UK are a huge issue, but London is the true epicenter. Whilst around 20 thousand bikes are reported stolen to the police in London each year, the true figure could be nearer 70 thousand.
Do you offer the Stolen Ride service outside London?

@StolenRide is run by London cyclists, for London cyclists. We believe in a focused mission and have no plans to cover outside London.

Our plan is to expand our service in London and move into bicycle theft prevention in late 2016.

I have spotted one of the stolen bikes on the @StolenRide feed, what should I do?
Fantastic! Tweet the owner and then follow up on DM with the full details of the sighting, they can then work with the police to recover the bike.
I'm not on Twitter and do not want to join, can SR still spread the news about my stolen bike?

Twitter is the community hub of Stolen Ride. We would encourage you to join Twitter and not only tweet the stolen bike to @StolenRide, but also to get involved with the community by helping others in the same position.

If you do not want to join, another option is the SR Facebook page, post and we will share.


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The SR community has also been mentioned in The Times bike blog, Tech For Good, Broke in London and more.
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